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About Me

I love modeling. It is a creative outlet for me, and allows me to express another side of my personality. I have been modeling since 2005. I have worked with many photographers in many states, done two short films, and two books.

I do paid assignments only and as I travel almost constantly in my day job, I do get the opportunity to visit a number of different states as well as Germany and Austria on occasion.

I would love to hear from you and about you.

I do not do total nudes. I do implied nudes only if I have worked with you for awhile and am comfortable with you. If you would like my rates, shoot me a message.



  • Acting
  • Body Paint
  • Editorial
  • Fashion
  • Glamour
  • Hair / Makeup
  • Lifestyle
  • Lingerie
  • Parts Modeling
  • Pinup
  • Promotional Modeling
  • Spokesperson
  • Swimwear


Rising Star Photography - TX ***
Barry W. Myers - NJ***
Clements Photography - NJ
I'm OK Productions - PA
Randin Photography - PA***
Art History Projects - TX***
B. Vest - MD
FJF Productions - TX
Bud James - CA***
E. J. Holley - NM
Ed Getley - NJ***
Rufino Sonora - TX
RT Photography - CA
Mike Evans - WA
JZD's Accessories - CA
Diana's Designs (Lady in Red Collection - NY
Phillip Summers - NY
Ken Williams - NY
Seraphim Images - PA
Arnold Swindler - NY
Pretty Woman Images - PA
TheGlamourImage - MD***
Impact Images - TX
Krueger Photography - TX
StunnerzStudio - TX
Eventime Photography - NJ***
Steve Emme - FL
Durango Dude - CO
TJ Photography - PA
Mark Boots - NJ
keepitblackandwhite - NC
On the Road Productions - NV
J. Warshnowski

Two Books "ancient Greece - 2008, Greek Women and Mythology 2010

Two indie films - New York 2006 and California 2010

***indicates multiple shoots

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